Our Solution Suite - the functional bandwidth
We are 'integrated by design'. Because we know
how painful and expensive it is for you to
interface new piecemeal applications with your
legacy systems.

We are also 'sophisticated but simple'. We do
new and better things but keep our user interface
uniform and simple to use.

For example, we have perceived a need for
sophisticated currency exchange risk
management. So we incorporated that in a
simple, straightforward manner with the rest of
our Finance subsystem functionality.

Because we are very concerned about security,
risk management and compliance, we have
designed a very sophisticated Business
Continuity Management subsystem. For the
same reasons we have elaborate in-house
communications and collaboration.

We recognize the enormous value inherent in
'big iron' - the large scale, robust legacy
computing environments. Consequently, we have
designed a solution suite that allows you to carry
forward these features while leaving behind
obsolete processes and code.

Our foundation assumes a global, multi-currency
marketplace in which competitiveness,
compliance, security and flexibility are essential
and highly valued. We are continuously engaged
in delivering these values.